Boys Basketball Season

Brianna Doctor
After a rough start to the season, the boys basketball team has made a tremendous effort to end the season with a winning record.
With a record of 9-9, the team has practiced hard after school and on weekends to improve their skills in hopes of winning more games. Senior and captain, Evan Bainbridge, believes they are motivated them to be better.
“The season is going alright, but I know it can be better. We had a rough start to the season, but I think we finally have the momentum we need to do go in playoffs,” Bainbridge said.
From beginning to now, the team has changed drastically with new additions and skills, but the team is still hoping to grow.
“[Senior] Jack Wilson, who is one of our main guys, was out for six games at the beginning of the season. Since he has returned, he has brought a different energy which has helped us win more games,” Bainbridge said.
Making improvements for the rest of the season starts with practice. The team has been putting in the work during all of their practices, so they can improve in time for playoffs.
“Practices have been going well. We hope to start playing more as a team, so we can end our season strong, and hopefully, we can make a big run in the playoffs as the underdogs,” Bainbridge said.
As the team itself works to improve their dynamic, Bainbridge has been focusing on himself. He hopes to help the team by improving how he plays against other opponents.
“A lot of teams look to face guard me and take me out of games, so I have been trying to improve my game to be able to impact the game in different ways to help us win,” Bainbridge said.
Throughout the season some players have experienced minor setbacks. For junior, Christopher Miller, he is sadly out for the rest of the season because of issues with his hands
“Being injured this season has really helped me put things into perspective. I have never really known what it’s like to be out and how much it would affect me. I’ve had to view everything like practices and games in a different way,” Miller said.
Since Miller has been out, he has learned different skills that he would not have had he still been playing. Being injured has given him the chance to improve skills that are not physical but mental.
“I have really learned how to be a positive influence. I have also learned how to listen better and give more advice in time of need,” Miller said.
Although he will not be able to contribute anything to the team on the court for the rest of the season, Miller hopes to start improving for his senior season as soon as possible.
“I am going to participate in AAU this season and get a private trainer. I want to continue to improve and build chemistry with the rest of the team after the season to prepare for next year,” Miller said.
Miller hopes to see the team improve for the rest of this season, and he hopes the team next year starts working towards their goals for next year.
“I have very high expectations for next year. I want to lead the team in a positive way. I hope that we play together well, and I want us to always be on the same page. Hopefully the team sticks together, and we can be brothers on and off the court,” Miller said.
Come out and see the boys on senior night as they take on Saint Ignatius at home Saturday, Feb. 23.


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