John Vincent III Review

Emma Schultz
Folk is an often overlooked genre in modern day music. John Vincent III, with his unique but homey ambient folk sound, is one of those artists who should be better recognized by the public.
John, who is originally from Ohio, began with his album “Mountain Sounds” in 2015. His hit song from that album was, “Lost / Inside Our Minds,” a lighthearted tune about exploring the West. The song’s upbeat and inspiring narrative is what makes it continue to be a success among fans of John Vincent III.
A common theme among popular songs of his are the stories behind them involving leaving home or travelling. This easily relates to his demographic of teens and young adults.
For example, his newest song, “Slow Song,” which was released Jan. 17 includes the line, “Mother, how are you doing? I’m sorry that I left you. I’m trying to find my way I promise that I’ll be home soon.”
This could pertain to a young adult such as himself who has left home in search of finding new opportunities at the expense of his family missing him. This is a common predicament for young adults in general and for anyone who seeks a new way of life.
While “Slow Song” can be considered more sad compared to John Vincent’s other songs, it is still hopeful. The hope and promise for the future is shown in the lines, “And I put my faith in my own hands/ See where I go/ I threw my fears into the ocean hoping that they’d be washed away.”
Although the future is scary, having faith in oneself is always what will carry one through a difficult situation in the end.
Another single that came out recently in 2018 is “Next To You,” a song that captures the hopefulness of young love and the circumstances it can lead to. With impressive, expressive vocals and a talented band behind him, John Vincent conveys to a young audience the thrill of finding “the one.”
The restlessness of this song encapsulates the immediate and spontaneous aspects of being young and in love. The lines, “You said you loved me/ But what does that mean?” show how innocent and new this love is due to inexperience and even immaturity.
Later in the song, John lets his love know that he is not going anywhere: “‘Cause when I lay my head to rest/ I hope that it’s always next to you.” This reassures the listener by showing that although this love seems almost flighty at first, but they will be there for each other regardless of where they end up.
The audio for “Next To You” can be found on Youtube and Spotify, while the live performance of “Slow Song” can be found on Youtube and the audio on Spotify.
Although not as greatly recognized as other popular folk rock bands such as The Lumineers or The Head and the Heart, John Vincent III is a talented artist who should be recognized for his growth over the years. He has a lot to say for anyone who is willing to listen.


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