The Vegan Experience

Abby Kuhns
Many people in 2019 chose to commit to live a vegan lifestyle. These people, in other words, choose not to eat or use any products from animals such as fur, milk, eggs or meat.
As a part of my news years resolution I decided to try and live vegan for two weeks. I ate a fair share of salads and a bunch of fruits during this time.
The most difficult part was eating simple items such as a granola bar because it contained honey. I did have the opportunity to try zucchini pasta which I would not normally eat.
The absolute best food item I tried was bagel “Halo Top” ice cream. It tasted the exact same at typical ice cream but with coconut milk instead of regular milk, and it was quite delicious.
A large amount of vegan options I tried is very unique to say the least; however, I was not a huge fan of all of it. It was hard trying to eat out because even items like salad I would have to take off egg, meat, cheese and change the dressing to make sure it had no animal products.
I give a lot of credit to the people who can commit to living a vegan lifestyle because it was a challenging process for me and I had many times where I just wanted to reach for that cookie with butter, milk and eggs.
In my opinion, I would not recommend completely changing one’s lifestyle to vegan if one has lived life eating and using animal products.
The transition is difficult and most definitely takes time to become accustomed to. I think if I would have progressed from omnivore to vegetarian to pescatarian to vegan I would have done much better with the food options I had.


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