Davenport Derby






Brianna Doctor

   Davenport was filled with many laughs and smiles as students from different clubs and groups showcased, as well as raced, their decorative couches.

   Eight different teamscompeted to win the overall prize. The winners received free tickets to the next Homecoming game, and they were also given the chance to sit on the sidelines in their couch at the game.

   In order to win the prize, teams had to first present their couch to the judges, and each judge gave them a point value out of ten. Next, they had to perform a cheer, and the judges proceeded to give them another point value out of ten. Finally, teams raced against other teams in a double elimination bracket. The team with the most points won.

   Out of all eight teams, team Just A Group of Friends were the winners. Their cheer and couch left the biggest impression on the judges.

   All members of the team were given free admission to the homecoming game the following day, and they were able to sit on the couch they competed with at the game.

   Junior, Jenna Anderson, is a proud member of the Just A Group of Friends team. She is glad she could experience winning Davenport with her friends.

   “I loved Davenport because it was an amazing way to spend time with my friends, even though they are all annoying and didn’t help do anything at all,” Anderson said.

    Senior, Jason Anzaldi, believes beating other opponents was the most important part of the event. He was determined to beat his peers from other teams.

    “We went into it just chilling, and then we saw Josh Blasco’s team and we knew we had to win. After that we did not lose once,” Anzaldi said.

   People who participated in Davenport were not the only ones who had fun. Students who observed, such as sophomore Mya Dietrich, also enjoyed being there.

   “Watching [the teams] was very entertaining, Their cheers were really funny and they made me laugh,” Dietrich says.

   This was Dietrich’s second time watching Davenport. The cheers were her favorite part of the competition, but she also liked seeing the students race each other. She plans on returning next year to watch.

   “I would definitely go back and watch next year because all the teams did some pretty funny stuff that made everyone laugh, and everyone just has a really fun time,” Dietrich says.

   Junior, Abbey Staats, is chair of the Davenport committee. She and other members of the committee have worked together since the end of last school year to make Davenport possible.

   “To plan it you have to find couches and then find someone to pick it up. I used Facebook and asked for free couches, and we ended up receiving 14 couches, but we only used 8,” Staats said.

    Staats believes this year’s Davenport improved from last year because of the amount of people they had signup, and they had less issues.

    “We got a lot more people to sign up, we didn’t have any couches break, we didn’t have any sound issues, and we had a lot more people come and watch,” Staats said.

    Davenport was entertaining for anyone who was watching, and was also a fun way for students to come out and participate in a friendly competition against their peers in honor of Homecoming.


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