Homecoming Festival


 Sydney Uridel

    The 2018 Stow Homecoming Festival had many fun events for people of all ages. The festival took place just after the parade and before the football game against Nordonia.

    Some activities the festival had included bouncy houses, food trucks, a dunk tank, festival games and the car smashing event.

    One of the bouncy houses had a fun obstacle course where participants could race through to see who could get to the end faster, and the other was one where you could just jump around. There was also one where you could “joust” with blow up sticks while standing on pillars, trying not to fall off.

    For the dunk tank, students from grades ninth through twelfth volunteered to possibly get dunked. Participants had the chance of dunking the volunteers by throwing a ball at a target, if it hit the target they would be dunked.

    Another event was the car destroying, where people paid to smash a car decorated with Nordonia’s colors. Participants had to put on a helmet for safety reasons and would use a baseball bat to destroy the car. In the end, the car looked very damaged.

    People enjoying the festivals events could also stop by one of the food trucks that were parked in front of everything. The lines were quite long, but they all had appetizing foods such as frozen custard, funnel cakes, hot chocolate, and other fun festival foods.

    Student council ran most of the games and events set up at the festival, but some school clubs had tables set up, like Key Club or Spanish Club. One game that was popular was Jenga, except all the blocks for the game were much larger.

    The homecoming festival led up to a great game and close loss for the football team and a fun homecoming.


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