Adrift Movie Review

Molly Richards

    The new movie Adrift is thrilling audiences across the country, however not many people know that the story told in the film is true.

    Shailene Woodly stars in this drama as Tami Oldham, a young woman of only twenty-four years old, who finds herself caught in a category-four hurricane with her fiance.

    Woodly and her co-star, Sam Claflin, play a young couple who meet in Tahiti, and on their way sailing across the Pacific, find themselves in one of the worst storms in history.

   Critics from Rotten Tomatoes said, “Adrift sails smoothly between love story and survival drama, thanks in large part to a gripping central performance from Shailene Woodley.”

    Throughout the film, the scenes go from when the couple met and was falling in love, to them trying to survive the storm and and all of the physical, mental and emotional trails they had to endure while stranded at sea.

    At the end of the film, the real Tami Oldham is recognized and shown along with information about her. The film said that, despite everything she went through, Tami is still an avid sailor to this day.

    The most interesting part of the movie in my opinion is the end, when is is revealed what really happened to Richard (Sam Claflin) during the storm, and how the movie panned out after it was revealed.   

    After her traumatic experience, Tami wrote a book relaying the details off wheat she remembered called, Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss and Survival at Sea.

    Though Tami struggled for many years after the loss of her fiance, she is now married with two children, and continues to keep the memory of Richard alive through sharing her story with others.


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