Seniors receive letters they wrote to themselves from sixth grade

Seniors Olivia Stark and Hanna McCauley open the letters they wrote themselves in sixth grade.

By Jurnee Starks

When I had first received the letter I had no idea what it was initially. At first, I thought I got in trouble, but then Mrs. Burmeister reassured me that it was just a letter I wrote in sixth grade.

 I was anxious to see what I had written since I do not remember much from sixth grade. I remember that sixth grade was fun for me, overall. The first thing I saw when I opened the letter was, “You already know you are amazing.”

That sentence alone made me cry in the attendance office. After reading the letter some more, I remembered how unique I was. I could not continue 

Senior Jayden Stovall enjoyed reading his letter and laughed at his sixth-grade self.

reading because I felt like I would cry.  My letter talked about my goals, the things I loved and the things I wanted to achieve–some of those goals were achieved and some of them I did not.

In the letter I said I was going to be a singer and how that was going to be my job forever and how I loved chicken fingers (which I still do).

Overall I can say when it came to my letter I was really devoted to the idea of me being a singer and dancer walking on the red carpet.

Luckily Mrs. wyant was there and wanted pictures of people opening their letters, getting their reactions from them. So I picked from a pile of letters that was not very big. I chose a few people I knew personally and brought them to the guidance office to see if they would be willing to open their letters in front of me.

Senior Jayden Stovall was the first person to come in, and like everyone else, he believed he was in trouble when he first walked in. I reassured Stoval and the rest of them that they were not.

I asked Jayden how he felt when he first saw the letter and read it and he said, “I was shocked and totally forgot I wrote the letter.”

I asked what some of the funny parts were and he said, “Little me writing not to have unprotected sex.”

I later asked him what he did not expect from his letter, and his response was his handwriting and how it was so bad. He did not remember writing the letter at all, so this was a total surprise to him, along with me.

Overall , after reading the letter, it brought me reassurance and hope because ever since I was little, I always in a way knew what I wanted to do, and I also knew who I was at a young age, so it made me happy to see what I said. I still want to be the person I knew I always wanted to be–even in sixth grade.


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