Book Club brings stories and friends together

   By Amaiya Green

Students who enjoy reading in the high school might also enjoy joining Book Club to discuss, review books and more.


Book club is more than sitting around discussing books all day: students are able to meet other students interested in the same books as them, creating a connection and possibly a long-lasting friendship.

Students are exposed to many new books and have access to young adult literature with a wide range of genres.  

Students are also able to read books that might not have been officially published to the public, and once doing so, they can give their honest feedback on books directly to the publishers.


The Teens Top Ten is a national contest where teens nominate their favorite book of the year.

hs book club prize winner ian laing

Stow’s high school and public library are one of 20 schools and libraries across the country that can submit nominations at the Teens Top Ten (TTT).


Club members read and write brief reviews on the books they would like to nominate for Teens Top Ten.

During the school year, Book Club meets one Thursday of every month in the high school library, or the public library during the summer,  to discuss and give feedback to each other on books they read.

During book club meets students are given free food and drinks to enjoy while discussing books.

 At the end of each year there is a special raffle that goes on where students have a change to keep any of the books that were reviewed. They also give away other prizes, including autographed books.

hs book club jan 2018

Book Club is a very exciting club to do for those who enjoy reading for fun but also gives students a change to bond over something they like.



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