Students receive pop cans for Valentine’s Day

IMG_7812By Abby Kuhns

    Student Council hosts another Send A Soda event this year for Valentine’s Day.

    Regular Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke and Root Beer are sold for one dollar. Pop was sold February 5 through 12 at lunches.

    Student council had to prepare the sheets, sell at lunches, buy the soda and deliver the sodas on February 14.

    Students in the school enjoy sending a pop to their friends and significant others.

   “I think it is a fun, little surprise receiving a soda and a message from my friends,” sophomore Jenna Anderson said.

    In total, there were nearly 180 sodas sold this year. Student council members received requests to sell lemonade because some people do not like pop.

    Send A Soda committee decided it would be beneficial to sell Minute Maid Lemonade for next year. Student council members also feel adding lemonade would potentially boost sales.

   Overall, Stuco believes sales and deliveries went smoothly this year.


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