Winter Formal 2018

By Maria Leonino / Staff Writer

    Student Council hosted the annual Winter Formal dance February 10 in the high school gym. The theme was “Under the Sea,” and the commons was decked out in all types of blues and greens.

    For decorations, the lockers were covered with black paper. Nets were hung up with different types of fish that were multicolored to add to the sea effect.

    Two banners covered the trophy cases, and they were decorated with bubbles. Centerpieces included candles and leis serving as a beachy feel.

    One unique feature was a mini arch entering the commons. Lights were hung around the white painted arch, and blue gossamer was wrapped around it.

    The staircases served as a waterfall. Blue and green gossamer wrapped around the railings, while white poms of gossamer filled the space at the bottom.

    Winter Formal is not as popular as Homecoming, but many students attended. Formal is less fancy, but people still dress up and look nice.

    Over the years ticket sales for dances have gone up, which is a positive because more people are becoming involved with the school events. Many students enjoy school dances because they can relax and be with their friends.

    Something Student Council has added this year is a Spring Fling dance. By popular demand, students voted for a casual dance.

    For the venue, Student Council is working towards an outdoor event, and of course making the dance less formal. Overall, many students seem to enjoy the dances and will likely continue to attend.


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