Smartphones bring a new way of living

By: Ryleigh Schelin / Staff Writer


    A couple of years ago, the invention that would change people’s lives was born. When Apple came out with their first IPhone model people were shocked at all the capabilities of the phone.

    This marked the start of the race involving  many companies to always have the newest and most stylish phone.

    The design and features of the smartphone has pulled people in, making them want to buy it. These features include camera quality and how big and thin the phone is. The most recent smartphones have the ability to connect to your car.  They also can connect to your home to enable alarm systems and lighting.

   The features on the Smartphones also create many sources of communication on platforms like Messaging, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and  many more.

   Cell phones are becoming a necessity for everyday life, cutting off real communication face to face.

    Apple is always working to add more features and come out with their latest models.

   Samsung and Google are also always competing with Apple to create more features to get more buyers.

    A phone is a phone. The features are a bonus but it’s scary to think about what some companies are creating to get more buyers.

   Ten years ago people gathered around the television to watch the news and figure out what’s going on in the world. Now an alert is sent to your phone seconds after something happens.

   Most people always know what’s going on in people’s lives. The latest gossip and what people are doing daily is all shared through these tiny devices in which our life revolves around.

   With smartphones people can share pictures and communicate with people from around the world.

   Different cultures can be discovered and relationships can be built through the Smartphone.

    Many people have many views on what smartphones are doing to our world. Some argue they are a positive impact but others would disagree.

    The way phones are today and how they are used can be very addicting. The urge not to be on a smartphone every five minutes is hard for some people.

    The smartphone is the new way of life for the good and the bad. Upgrades will continue to happen and companies will always compete to have the most elaborate phone out there.


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