Ballet Theatre of Ohio performs 25th annual nutcracker show

By: Gabi Spigelmire / Staff Writer

    The Nutcracker by the Ballet Theatre of Ohio entertains hundreds every year with their production of The Nutcracker. Christine Meneer, creator of the dance studio Meneer School of Dance, directs the entire show every year and makes sure it has reached its full potential.

    The popular production will be going on from November 25 through December 3, though rehearsals have already long begun.

     Tickets can be purchased at the door of the Akron Civic Theatre or online at the Akron Civic theatre’s website. Tickets are ranging between $30 and $60

    Many students from Stow High school have been cast in the production. Hailey Molchen, Paige Skripac, Haley Boggs, Makenna Zelenak, Lexi Dudones, and Christina Black.

      Molchen and  Black have been cast as Clara, the main female character in the show.  Molchen has also been cast as a Dew Drop and the Chinese lead and Black as an Arabian Princess. Skripac and  Boggs have been cast as the Fairy Queen along with the Marzipan lead. Dudones and Skripac have been cast as the chinese lead. Haley Boggs has also been cast as a dew drop. Makenna Zelenak has been cast as the Spanish Senorita and the Arabian Princess. Many other Stow students of younger grade levels have also been cast.

    Christine Meneer has put on this spectacular show for many years. This year will be the 25 anniversary of Meneer directing the show. So get your tickets now to see the 25th Anniversary of the Nutcracker directed by Christine Meneer.


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