Netflix struggles financially as they lose viewers

By: Shea Sullivan / Staff Writer

    Netflix, one of the most popular streaming services, is in trouble. It is currently $4.84 billion in debt, and is losing contracts with many popular channels.

    Disney has announced that it is ending it’s contract with Netflix and will start its own streaming service starting in 2019, taking all of the Disney shows and movies off of Netflix.

    Of course, Netflix has many popular original shows such as “Stranger Things,” “Thirteen Reasons Why” and “House of Cards,” to name a few, but for the viewers those do not make up for the all the shows Netflix has taken off, and will continue to take off.

    Hulu, another extremely popular streaming service is taking advantage of Netflix’s struggles. For example, “30 Rock,” and many food network shows that have been taken off of netflix have been picked up on Hulu with additional shows to come.

    Netflix still has more viewers than other streaming services like Hulu and amazon prime, but Hulu especially is gaining ground, and may surpass Netflix while Hulu continues to add, and Netflix continues to drop.

    Recently, Spotify and Hulu paired up and announced that for only five dollars a month, students can receive Spotify premium and Hulu plus for 12 months. This can benefit Hulu greatly and may hurt Netflix even more.

    However, Netflix just announced that they invested $400 million into Canadian film TV production which may bring in a generous amount of money for the streaming service. Netflix will be working with Canadian producers and will even start making shows and films in French, but will that keep Netflix from falling below Hulu?

    Netflix has a few new seasons of it’s original shows coming back in October like “Stranger Things” season two, and “Haters Back Off” season two. Besides those two, there are not many other well-known shows joining the service this October

    Despite Netflix having two new seasons of two popular originals coming back, the focus seems to be on the shows leaving Netflix in October. These shows include but are not limited to “Malcolm in the Middle,” “One Tree Hill,” “Bones” and “Family Guy.”

    As of now, Netflix seems to have a risky and unpredictable future on the line with billions of dollars of debt. It is hard to predict where the most popular streaming service will go down.     


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