Puerto Rico suffers from Hurricane Maria

By: Amanda Ostrowski / Staff Writer

     Puerto Rico recently had a towering hurricane wash over them. This hurricane has left Puerto Rico with hardly anything.

    Hurricane Maria, with winds up to 155 mph crashed into Puerto Rico. This knocked out all the electricity and power to the island.

    The residents are running low on the food and fuel. Families are having a hard time sending their loved ones food and water because it’s so expensive.

    “Let me begin by saying our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, who are suffering in the wake yet of another catastrophic hurricane,” President Donald Trump said.

    Trump wants to be there for Puerto Rico every step of the way. He wants to help in any way he can because there are many Americans that live or are visiting Puerto Rico.

    Since most of the power is still out Puerto Rico passed a curfew that says no one can be out from 7 p.m- 5 a.m. About 60 people we already arrested for breaking the curfew.

    The police are still missing around 10% of their employees, and also they are working in way less buildings then they should be. They are also having trouble because many people have been shoplifting and stealing stuff they need like food and water. Around 36 people have already been arrested for committing those kinds of crimes.

    Puerto Rico is doing the best that they can, but the people there can not do everything themselves especially because they are on an island. Other people need to step in and help Puerto Rico.


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