Natural disasters sweep through west

By: Chelsea Kirk / Staff Writer

During the 2017 fall semester natural disasters have demolished and taken a toll over the North-Western hemisphere. These powerful catastrophes have left thousands of people without homes, power and everyday resources.

    Hurricane Harvey was the first colossal storm to submerge the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding states at the end of August. Harvey was classified as a Category 4 storm, just prior to slamming into Houston. Many coastline cities were left devastated after Harvey passed, leaving several feet of rain behind. Luckily, many organizations including the American Red Cross and Salvation Army, have been helping distribute supplies and providing aid to those who have been impacted.

    Soon after Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma crashed into the Caribbean islands and Florida in early September. Irma had a tremendous amount of strength, which measured up to be a Category 5. Many civilians were left without power, which resulted in a loss in communication with family. Irma weakened extremely slowly, still a Category 3 by the time the eye of the storm hit central Florida.

    On September 19, a 7.1 magnitude quake left Mexico City and surrounding areas in ruins. More than 200 fatalities were confirmed by this deadly earthquake and many more injured. This quake was not even the worst of it. A few days prior, an 8.1 magnitude quake hit Mexico, which is the strongest earthquake in approximately a century to have hit the country. Civilians as far as Guatemala and Mexico City felt this quake, even though the epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, 75 miles away from the coast.

    These natural disasters are showing no signs of stopping, while Hurricane Maria stirs in the Atlantic, also reaching a Category 5.

     Hundreds of lives and homes were lost due to these relentless events. Individuals from around the globe have been donating and providing help to all of the civilians affected. The relief efforts give the survivors hope that someday, they will return to their normal lives and forget about these past tragedies.


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