Eighth Grade Orientation


By Bayley Patterson–EIC

Kimpton eighth graders and their parents gathered in the auditorium for a brief meeting followed by a round table of questions as they strolled through the commons and upper gym questioning teachers and advisors about the many clubs and activities of which the high school offers.

From about 6:30 until 7:30, the commons area and the gym were flooded with many eager students wanting to know about programs offered at the high school.

Students were able to visit tables representing the core classes, electives, and career programs offered.  Many students and their guardians were able to meet teachers and advisors and coaches to ask questions specific to their content area.

Orientation night offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to see some of what the high school is all about before they begin planning their schedules for next year.

Scheduling for the high school will begin next week.  Students and parents can find the program course of study here.


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