I Wrote This For You book review

By: Mya Cannon / Editor

      I Wrote This For You is a story written by an anonymous author who goes by pleasefindthis. The book is a collection of 186 different short poems divided into four different groups: sun, moon, stars and rain.

    The book’s description gives you a preview of how emotional it will be.  The description starts out with,

    “I need you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you.” This line creates not only mystery and suspense but it also creates a feeling of sympathy for the author from the reader.

     The author relates all of the poems he or she has written in I Wrote This For You back to the one person they want to read this book.  They call this person ‘you’. The author says in the description,

    “Everyone else who reads it, doesn’t get it. They may think they get it, but they don’t,” I think this shows the personal meaning behind the book and how each poem can mean something different to each person that reads them.

    Each poem seems to tell a short story of heartbreak and regret, a poem from the book is called  ‘The Skeletons In The Sea’, “Truth is the last thing I can take because it’s the last thing you took.”

     One of the main feelings I get from this poem is sorrow because what I think it means is that someone lied to the author right before they left him or her.

    All of the poems in I Wrote This For You  have very deep meanings to them, even though most of the poems are only one or two sentences, occasionally there is a poem that is a couple of paragraphs long.

   My favorite poem from I Wrote This For You is called ‘The Children Of Time’, a line from this is,

    “Sunday knows she’s the end. But she closes her eyes, and she pretends with all the strength in her tiny heart that really, she’s the dawn.”

I believe that this line shows that even when you know something probably will not end up going right in a situation you should still have hope because you really do not know for sure how something will turn out in the end.

     Overall I Wrote This For You is a really great book that everyone should read.


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