The Fate of the Furious movie review

By: Mandy Grimm / Staff Writer

    The movie was full of action and outbursts of unexpected happenings. I would definitely recommend this movie to others that like action and comedy movies.

     This movie is the eighth of the series and the other seven movies are all creative and have lots of details. The movies is about people who like to race fast cars and use their talent to help the city become a better and safer place. They may do a couple of illegal things here and there but all in all they are great movies.

     In this last movie The Fate of the Furious the main character Dom is recruited to the enemy side and is taunted by his baby that he did not know he had. He is not allowed to have his baby until he does everything his bosses tell him to do.

      His ex-teammates are all very confused why Dom is now going against them. Some parts of the movie that I did not like were when Cipher the main evil hacker killed many people for no reason whatsoever. She was the person behind all of the harsh activity that her and her crew were doing.

     The main rampage of the movie was over a nuclear bomb that both teams wanted one team was to do good with it and the other wanted to harm lots of people with it. There is also a part where they are all driving their cars on ice and the bad guys are on a submarine that is breaking the ice. The submarine blows up and none of the ice melts. I thought that was weird because when it’s super hot ice melts, but the ice did not melt at all.

     The parts of the movie that gave me the most joy was when Shaw a friend of Dom’s captured the baby and put headphones on him while he was fighting the bad guys and the baby was just smiling the whole time because he could not hear any of the battle. I also enjoyed when Dom finally got to hold his baby for the first time he was a really, and when their whole friend group that they call a family was together at last with Dom and everyone else, happy and enjoying themselves.

     All of the actors are incredibly gifted. I think that the movie could use a little help on when someone that was close to the group dies to show the group’s emotions and how they are reacting to death. The producers are very good at the car action scenes. The way the actors drive the cars makes it seem like they have been doing it all their lives especially when it shows them using the different foot pedals and gears.


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