CoverGirl introduces first ‘Cover Boy’

Just when you think you have seen it all Covergirl introduces their first “Cover Boy” and shocks many.

Covergirl announced on October 11 2016 that the newest face of the makeup brand was going to be 17 year old boy, James Charles Dickinson. He is a makeup artist, who is widely known on social media, having almost half a million followers on Instagram and almost 100,000 subscribers that watch his makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Dickinson put on social media on Tuesday about the agreement. He also did a photoshoot with Katy Perry.

Many questioned if Dickinson was a transgender but he exclaims that he is gay and uses makeup to express himself. He strongly embraces being a boy and belongs to the group of “Beauty Boys” who also glam up using makeup.

This caused a lot of controversy across the people. The LGBTQ community highly supported CoverGirl and Dickinson. On the other hand, the people who are against the LGBTQ community are boycotting CoverGirl and the makeup. 

“I think it was a bad idea to have a guy Covergirl. Only because it is going to draw more hate to the LGBTQ community. Not that I do not respect the community any less, I just think this will cause a lot of controversy,” Yasmine Izaldine said.

This was one step forward for the gay community and such a bold move in the cosmetic industry this year.


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