Hudson haunted house opened for another year of scares

Hudson Haunted House is a very popular haunted house in Summit County. The workers do not get paid to work. It is strictly just volunteer. Admission is $10, everyone under 48 inches is $5, $1 admission from 11pm to 12am (Friday and Saturday nights only), and $5 military discount.

Each room has different whores to it, clowns, the undead, a special “Black Hole” room, and dropping spiders. Each room has about 4-6 workers ready to scare the customers. The rooms are separated by black walls and going around each 90 degree turn leads to a new horror.

However, there are some downsides to the haunted house. It takes only 5-10 minutes to get through. Since the workers are not paid, it can lead to some problems. Sophomore Kayleigh Kubalek went through the house on Friday the 14th. As she was going through one of the rooms a worker reached out to touch her and she exclaimed “Don’t touch me.” The worker she yelled at then reached out and pulled Kubalek’s hair. If you do not want to be touched then do not go to Hudson’s Haunted House.

Overall it is an okay haunted house, but if you aren’t easily scared and do not want to be touched then choose another haunted house to visit.


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