The Mandela Effect

    It is a common occurrence for people to remember small differences in a different way. This occurrence is so common it has been given the title of the mandela effect.

    The mandela effect is said to take place when there is a large number of people who clearly remember an event or object in a way that is untrue.

    The mandela effect was created and named after an incident where a large group of people all recalled the memory of Nelson Mandela passing away 30 years earlier than he actually did. Many people remember him dying in the 1980s, but his true death date took place 2013.

    There are theories that explain the vivid, but incorrect, memories that are recognized by so many people.

     One of these theories being that there are different universes and the human races is being switched between them. This theories state that there is a parallel universe lined up with our universe that we are being switched back and forth unknowingly between multiple times throughout a lifetime.

     A large number of people remember incorrect things so vividly because these memories that they are having of an event came from a different universe than the one that they are currently in.

    Another, and one of the most popular, examples of the mandela effect is The Berenstain Bears being spelt as The Berenstein Bears. Some individuals are certain that the books were spelt as The Berenstain Bears but if one was to look at a physical copy of the book they would find that their memories of the spelling are incorrect.

    A psychological explanation of the mandela effect is that memories are not solid things and can become easily manipulated by things such as beliefs and imagination.

     Seeing as how that The Berenstain Bears was a popular show for children, it is likely that while growing older the spelling of a book was not what children once believed it to be. Young children cannot read or write, so there is a chance that hearing the name of the books caused some to believe that the book’s title was spelt how it sounded.


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