Fast food is not beneficial to teenagers

Many students find themselves at a struggle to figure out what they want to eat. Most of the time, they turn toward food they can receive extremely fast and buy at a low cost. Known as fast food, this industry makes a fortune off of high school students.

A leading cause in fast food consumption comes from the availability of the amount of restaurants. From one’s house to the school in which he attends, there are numerous fast food restaurants which have  a variety of different types of food.

Restaurants located in high traffic areas tend to receive more business. The reason behind this may seem obvious, but what people do not know is that teenagers accumulate a lot of profit for the restaurants.

Students can get fast food on their way home from school. This makes franchises eager to be able to place their restaurant near a high school because they know that teens will somehow be persuaded to eat frequently at that location.

Friends can suggest to meet up at places and hang out while grabbing a quick bite to eat. This makes the burden of spending money repeatedly on food less harsh than it normally is. Students often find themselves meeting fellow classmates up at a restaurant and studying for an upcoming test or just to talk about school.

“Since Moe’s is right around the corner, my friends and I go there after school sometimes and hang out and eat,” sophomore Thomas McLaughlin said.

Another reason why teenagers find themselves out to eat is because of the fact that many do not know how to cook a proper meal. Other than using the microwave, toaster, and oven, most teens are too lazy to make a home cooked meal.

Students’ lack of knowledge in the kitchen can lead to many more problems than spending money. Over consumption of fast food will eventually lead to obesity, which then leads into many more health problems, and eventually death. Not to say fast food is not good for a change, but students should try and become more educated in the kitchen so they will not be dependent on fast food later in life.

In high school, a health class could be implemented to discuss the effects of overconsumption of fast food because when the problem arises that one eats too much junk food, he might not be able to see that in himself, and would need someone or something else to help identify the problem.  

Fast food may be fast, but down the road, the one eating too much fast food may not be fast anymore.  


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