Freshmen experience first day at high school

By Chloe Phillips

     Freshmen orientation day is where ninth graders are given the opportunity to come in before any other grades to familiarize themselves to their new environment in which they will be in the next four years. It begins and ends as any other school day from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

     Guiding the freshmen were the juniors and seniors who became “Mentors.” They wore bright blue shirts, so they could be seen clearly from down the hall for any lost or confused students. They are the students in charge of keeping track of their group and making sure they follow the special schedule set up for freshmen orientation day.

     7:30-8:15 was homeroom where attendance is taken, introductions are made by playing a game, This or That, an icebreaker used to make the students more comfortable with each other and their classmates. Also, students take the time to understand their schedule and practice opening their lockers if needed.

     8:15-9:15 was in the auditorium, which started with the Spike video and followed by Dr. Hartmann who goes over The Pledge. Freshmen then listen to the choir and are encouraged to sing along. The last activity is called “the informational session,” which just explains the rest of their day.

     9:15-11:15 was where the informational sessions began: the mentors guided the groups of freshmen to three informational sessions. The first session is Student Involvement, which was hosted in the lower gym. The students have a chance to see what clubs and activities they can join and meet current students in those activities where the student leaders discuss the involvement.

     The second sessions is called Meet the Principals, where the principals discuss who they are, what they do and their expectations for the students and the remainder school days in the auditorium.

     The third session is The Tour of SMFHS where mentors give the ninth graders an in-depth tour, explaining their experiences and covering important spots and people. They also took that time to get real with the students on what to expect, who their favorite teacher is and more.

     With the tour, each group stopped to take a hearing or vision test where the groups with rotate between them. 11:15-11:40 was be the time to eat and hit the refresh button with friends.

     2:00-2:30 was hosted in the main gym where teachers passed out shirts and the mentors participated in the pep rally activities, which included learning and singing SMFHS chants.

     “I didn’t know where any of my classrooms where and I was really afraid I’d get lost or walk into the wrong class. Today helped a lot, and I feel like I sorta know my way around,” freshman Jacey Citraro said.

     The mentors helped the freshman a great deal not only with finding their way around the building but also with classes and advice. Freshmen orientation day helps new students make friends and prepare for their high school career.

     “I’m definitely playing softball this year. I also signed up for a club the upperclassmen talked about which was, Hitting for Home, which I’m excited about,” Citraro said.


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