Final choir concert bids farewell to seniors

By Grace Flinn

Singing goodbye to the seniors of the choir program, the Spring Pops concert was held in the auditorium for the last concert of the year.  The choir program had practiced for two months to present their hard work on Mon., May 16.  

All choirs at the high school were involved in this performance including the Specialty Acts. The Specialty Acts are members who perform solos or duets. This performance was different than usual because most of the choirs had choreography involved with the songs they are singing.  

Also, some members of the band performed back-up music. The choir program as a whole is directed by Mr. Champagna. Freshman Thomas Biggs is in charge of the Pit Band, and in charge of the choreography is graduate Zack Triscari.

In order to be apart of the choir program, all grades ninth through twelfth were able to audition, aside from the mixed chorus, and auditions are held at the beginning of each year. For one to be apart of a Specialty Act, they audition for that spot before each concert.

“I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new abilities in myself. Learning new music and making memories with friends I’ve made is a plus as well,” sophomore choir member Bre Radcliffe said.

People in the choir program face many obstacles of stage-fright or nervousness, and teach themselves how to overcome their fear to express their amazing talents. Each year the members are making new friends while improving their voices to show the community what they have accomplished.

“I don’t get as nervous anymore because I’ve been in choir since first grade, but I do get nervous when I have solos. Basically, thinking positive about yourself and what you sing and present on stage is a big part of performing,” Radcliffe said.

Confidence plays a big role while on stage. Anyone is welcome to go and see the hard work the choir has done to make this performance possible.


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