Battle of the Bands introduces aspiring artists

Nothing brings people from all walks of life together quite like music. Music is cathartic and takes people away from their problems and the real world if only for a little while.

On Wed. April 27, the annual Battle of the Bands took place and provided joy and unification for everyone involved. Each year, the high school holds Battle of the Bands under the condition that at least one member be in school at the time.

Anyone can sign up which brings people from all over the place together.

“What’s really great about this competition and music in general is the diversity. There are a lot of different genres here and many people who wouldn’t normally associate with one another,” junior and M.C. of the event Mitchell Norman said.

The night started off a little late, but the commons were packed full of people ready to listen to good music. Jack Dotson went first in the competition as a solo acoustic guitarist. He calls himself “Dack Jotson” and he does original comedic songs as well as covers.

“I absolutely love playing music and entertaining people as much as I can. There really is nothing else like captivating an eager audience,” Dotson said.

Following “Dack Jotson” was the band “Working Class Boys.” Working Class boys is composed of lead singer Charlie Blair, guitarist Jason Rozak and drummer Stefano Mariola. They play punk rock music and played a seven-song set that was very well received.

“Working Class Boys is by far my favorite band. I love the funky punk vibe they give off and they have an incredible stage presence,” sophomore Janae Droder said.

Working Class Boys had a special treat for the crowd as two tall men in pigeon and chicken masks danced along with the music. Many enjoyed this addition and saw its originality.

“I really loved the pigeon and chicken dancers. They danced really well and did not distract from the music,” sophomore Kayla Duckworth said.

Scarlet Promise followed Working Class Boys with a grungy hard rock sound that resonated throughout the audience. They played many original songs as well as a few covers of hard rock grunge songs. Many current students are in the band including Dane Gellner and James Brownridge..

“Scarlet Promise was great, I love Dane on the bass and James on the drums, they rocked it tonight,” senior Taylor Hostetler said.

The last band to play was “Incite the Riot,” a metal core band also containing Jack Dotson, lead singer of Dack Jotson.

    After the competition, contestants and patrons alike waited to hear who the winner would be. Fourth place went to “Incite the Riot,” third place to “Working Class Boys,” second place to “Dack Jotson,” making “Scarlet Promise” the winner of the 2016 Battle of the Bands.

    “The show was really great this year and all of the bands were fun to watch. We raised a lot of money, and I feel like we brought people together,” Norman said.


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