Dodgeball tournament held to raise money for Camp Quality

Competitive students fought until the end in a hectic dodgeball tournament in order to raise money for Camp Quality.

On Feb. 2, from 6-8 p.m., student council held a dodgeball tournament for students to have a good time raising money for a summer camp for children who have cancer.

Each player on a team of eight needed to pay $5 in order to play, and the tournament was organized by a bracket system.

“The dodgeball tournament is a fun [event] we do every year so students can have something fun to do in the winter,” senior Kristen Buzaki said. “It’s a great event to bring students together, plus part of the money we make will go to [charity].”

Even if a student was not able to play, he was able to come and cheer on friends and peers. Both the players and those watching were able to build positive connections with other students: the tournament encouraged teamwork and spirit. The goal of the game was not only to have fun while making money for charity but to allow students to build their teamwork skills as well.

“In student council, we try to promote service, spirit and leadership,” Buzaki said. “I think this event especially promotes spirit in the school, enabling students to make new friends and connect with others.”

Many students participated in the enriching activity. After all the teams played through, The Average Joes came out victorious.

Team captain and junior Mohammad Silmi, and his teammates junior Ethan Hanson, junior Justin Racheter, senior Zane Obaid, senior Dakhil Silmi, senior Aron Gloeckler and senior Shane Lavery won the entire tournament against team Mustafa.

“It felt pretty good [to win] because we started off 0-5 then came back and ended up winning the championship,” senior Shane Lavery.



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