Discount app appeals to young and old crowd

    While playing different apps, searching through various websites and watching TV, people are bombarded with unnecessary advertisements and commercials. One recurring ad that seems directed towards the older generation is Groupon.

   When hearing “Groupon,” someone usually thinks of “coupon,” and this is exactly correct. Those little papers snipped out of newspapers and magazines that parents or grandparents hoard before they go to any store or restaurant are soon to be outdated.

     With this over-advertised Groupon, a new level of discounts is underway. The modernized coupons are not only geared towards adults, which is also taking the aspect of coupons to accelerated heights.

    Groupon is an app/website that almost stands as a middleman between a customer and the service or product on the other side. The site may promote restaurants and stores in one’s community or even advertise products from around the globe.

    Groupon has the ability to usher people to try out various places and products, and the enterprise earns a commission whenever they successfully refer a customer.

    This new type of app is able to provide consumers with discounts on nearly everything. Opportunities exist such as a percent off a meal at a restaurant or money off of jewelry, clothes, books, entertainment, beauty products, electronics and tickets.

    The variety of discounts available has appealed to many college students and teenagers that enjoy shopping online but do not like to spend much money.

    Groupon almost poses as the cheap Amazon, and by cheap, that means low prices.

    This new enterprise is fabulous for customers but is also beneficial for businesses. Even though the site sells items for discounted prices, the sales bring more attention to a company or product. People will be more willing to try a product for less expense; therefore, those people are more likely to return again for full price.

    Personally, I have purchased a few items off of Groupon, and my results were very positive.

    I bought a HP laptop for $149 that was originally priced over $300. The computer was refurbished, yet I may not have been able to find such a great deal else where. The laptop runs well and is in perfect condition.

    Next, I bought a teeth whitener kit. The kit with the bleaching solution and the little LED light has been a hot item in the past year or two. With an original price of $199, I snagged a kit for $9.99. I used this product once already, and the results were just as it promised for $190 cheaper than others but whiter teeth for.

    I have ordered a few other items from Groupon, and each one has been more than satisfactory. I intend on continuing my use of the app into college, so I do not have to spend too much money on anything.

    Offers expire frequently, so the app has an efficient way of making consumers act quickly with their purchases.

    The whole dynamic of the app is beneficial for each entity involved: old customers, young shoppers, business owners and the entire enterprise.

    Give Groupon a try the next time there is a craving for food, clothing or experiences. Well, just as long as there is NOT a wad of cash burning a hole in a pocket: the user would not need to spend all of that money.



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