Eighth graders prepare for their freshmen year

As the school year creeps toward an end, returning students begin preparing for the upcoming year. While many high school students return, new freshman arrive each and year eager for a fresh start in a new school.

“I am very excited [for high school]. I am looking forward to it because it’s a new chapter of my life, and I’m really looking forward to becoming an adult and learning new things along the way,” eighth grader Chris Miller said.

On Wed., Feb. 17, anxious eighth grade students entered the high school to receive the first glimpse at their freshman year in the new school. They came to the high school for an eighth grade orientation to understand a little bit more of what high school will be like.

“I am really looking forward to high school because I don’t really like Kimpton right now. I think that high school will be better because you are allowed more freedom,” eighth grader Maria Leonino said.

As the students entered the building, they all went to the auditorium with their parents and found a seat. Then they sat through an explanation of the orientation, what to schedule for and what to expect coming in on the first day of school next year.

Next they all proceeded to the cafeteria and gym to see the career programs, classes, sporting events, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, support groups and more offered at the high school.

“[While here], I was looking at basketball, soccer, football track, student council, journalism and a few other classes as well,” Miller said.

Many students seemed interested in every option available to them, while others were drawn to a mere one or two.

“I am excited to take creative cooking because I like to cook, and I especially love to eat,” eighth grader Olivia Edwards said.

Some students were attracted to the sports programs, while others were attracted to certain classes.

“I am interested [in taking] teammates, photography and cooking while also maybe doing Hitting 4 Home. They all interest me because I like helping others, taking pictures and I like to cook as well,” Leonino said.

Some eighth grade students are related to other high school students, so they will be going to school with their family relatives.

“I can not wait to see my brother, Logan, at school,” Edwards said.

The eighth grade students all had enthusiasm on their faces to see the possibility in their new education at the high school next year.


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