Lady Bulldogs to advance to semifinals

By Bayley Patterson

Playoffs have begun, and the Lady Bulldogs start off with a strong win in the Division 1 girls basketball sectional finals against Akron East.

The Bulldogs started off strong in the first quarter with a lead immediately at the start of the game. Freshman Lexi Petit took the first turnover of the game, and as the team held a strong offense, the quarter ended with a score 24-6 Stow.

As the second quarters began, Theresa Parr is crossed by Akron East but comes back to shoot and now has six points, and Stow’s lead improved to 26­-6. A timeout by Akron East gave them time to talk about their far stretch loss. To end the first half, the girls remained on top with a 44-­18 lead on the Dragons.

The Bulldogs started off with the ball in the third quarter, and senior Jessie Stout is fouled and made both of her two free throws making Stow’s lead increasing on Akron East 52-­20.

The girls’ offense slowed down but maintained a strong lead. With three minutes left, the Bulldogs call a timeout. The timeout inspired the team to get back in the game and then end the third quarter with a score of 62-­20 Stow.

The defense at the beginning of the fourth quarter slowed down, but another time out from the Bulldogs brought the intensity back up, and the JV players took the lead. Sophomore Maddie Merlene entered the quarter with a layup making the score 71-­28, and as the game ended, the final score was 82­-30 Stow.

The Lady Bulldogs will play Kent Roosevelt Mon., Feb. 22 in the Division 1 district semifinals.


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