Valentine’s Day brings mixed feelings

The aftermath of Valentine’s Day can have some people questioning their relationship status.

While some people are out on dates, getting each other stuffed animals, chocolates, roses or balloons, others are sitting at home by themselves playing video games, snacking, watching TV or hanging out with their own friends.

“While everyone else is out doing things and having plans, I just end up sitting at home playing video games in my room all day,” senior David Hall said.

Some of the people who do not go on a date with a significant other can sometimes feel left out.

“Valentine’s Day does make make feel left out a little bit, but I have gotten used to it,” Hall said.

Feeling left out on Valentine’s Day may be due to the constant advertisement in stores, on TV or in schools on around and on holiday. Commercials, posters and propaganda are everywhere telling people they need to go on a date or find a date with someone.

“What makes me feel left out the most on Valentine’s Day is the necessity that exists in our culture today of having a boyfriend or girlfriend,” Hall said.

This constant advertisement of the holiday may leave some people questioning their status and if they really should find a significant other they can call theirs.

Other people find the holiday annoying and tacky. Some couples decide to just stay home and order pizza because they don’t find Valentine’s Day amusing.

One may find himself wondering if Valentine’s Day is really a day to celebrate love or to point out he does not have a significant other yet.

“I don’t feel left out [on Valentine’s Day] because, personally, I don’t need anyone to make me happy,” senior Kayla Esterle said.

While some people are feeling left out on Valentine’s Day, other may feel like the opposite. They might think they do not need anyone to make them happy as they are happy with themselves.


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