Powerpuff Girls return in 2016

Sugar, spice and everything nice with a little dash of Chemical-X are not the only ingredients in the new series of “The PowerPuff Girls.”

A modern take on the old classic has many nostalgic fans excited while also intriguing young children of this era for a little taste of the childhood many students had.

While the same storyline, villains and graceful butt-kicking will be recovered in the new show, the original voice actresses and theme song have been altered.

The starting women, Cathy Cavadini as Blossom, Tara Strong as Bubbles and Elizabeth Daily as Buttercup, have all been replaced by other, youthful voices; however, Tom Kenny’s role as the mayor and narrator has remained intact.

According to the LA Times, “‘The Powerpuff Girls’ will feature the voice talents of Amanda Leighton as team leader Blossom, Kristen Li as the bright and friendly Bubbles and Natalie Palamides as the tough-as-nails Buttercup.

Fresh talent does not seem to pose as an issue for many people as the recent ladies are sure to sound close to not if exactly like the traditional, tiny but spunky voices of the three super girls.

On the other hand, the improved theme song and intro are very different from 1998.

The new song is a punk-pop mixture titled “Who’s Got The Power?” by Tacocat, according to Comics Alliance.

Also, the style of the cartoon will be altered from the original. More of a crisp, 3-D illusion and more vibrant colors will be present in the updated version. Cartoon Network will be matching the look of the girls to some of their current shows like Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go and Adventure Time.

All changes put aside, this take on the original PPG is sure to revive many memories of the past and easily make new ones for young children.

The revamped version of the old classic is proposed to air sometime in April. Surely, if the cartoon disappoints and there is still a craving for animated, crime-fighting super girls, then one can turn to Netflix to watch the original series.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons


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