Students enjoy homecoming pep rally

By Kyla Zeigler

As students were anxious for the homecoming dance, “A Night at Hogwart’s,” the pep-rally was held to announce the 2015 Mr. and Mrs. Stow.

On October 2, between second and third period, students poured into the gymnasium. An obstacle course, including a large inflatable slide, stood tall as the echoing noises from the crowd eagerly waited this event. Drums and cheers filled the air as the pep-rally was about to begin.

Student council advisor, Alex Mcmahan, was the speaker of this event as he announced the 2015 homecoming court. Mr. and Mrs. Stow candidates were announced along with the display of their campaign videos. Not only that but the couples also had to complete an obstacle course.

Starting out by sliding down the inflatable slide, each candidate crawled in and out of cones placed near the end of the slide. Then they had to spin around a baseball bat about ten times and walk on a balance beam made up of two wooden benches. Meeting them at the end was a hula-hoop hung by a string placed on the basketball hoop on the east side of the gym. They had to go through the hoop to get to the next station.

At the next station, candidates had to place five jumbo marshmallows into their mouth and sing the “Alma Mater.”

After they completed this, they cartwheeled to where they were met by two soccer balls. Candidates then had to kick the balls into the net and run up the bleachers to a pair of student council members. From the members they received a pen and ran down to the floor where they popped a balloon. After they popped the balloon the timer was stopped.

Mr. and Mrs. Stow was announced based on popularity and awarded the honor of claiming this year’s title. Excitement began to die down as the pep-rally came to an end.

Students came in the gymnasium anxiously waiting for this year’s Mr. and Mrs. Stow and left with even more excitement as “A Night at Hogwart’s” was only a day away.


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