Girls Volleyball falls to Brecksville Bees

By Bayley Patterson

Stow volleyball faced a tough battle against the Brecksville Bees on Tuesday night. The girls lost, but played a strong match.

As the first set started, the Bees began to take the lead and at the end Stow lost to a 13­-25 score. The girls came back in the second set more focused and ready to win.

After losing the first set, the girls really increased their intensity. The ball went back and forth, from Stow scoring then Brecksville scoring but at the end Stow won to a 25-­18 score. During this set, freshman Lauren Fair hurt her knee from landing on it wrong. Fair never returned to the match.

Starting off the third set, Stow was very hype and ready to win against the bees. Sadly, the girls didn’t pull and lost 20­-25 but held up a strong fight.

As the final set had started, both teams wanted to win. The score went back and forth from team to team, making it a nervous set. Around the end, the Brecksville Bees did an illegal serve which created a lot of controversy. Brecksvilles coach was confused on the call and so were the fans. After multiple minutes of waiting, the referee did eventually call the illegal hit. As set three came to an end, Stow fell to Brecksville 20-­25.

“It never feels good to lose but i’m still really proud of how my team played because Brecksville was 12th in the state. I think my team needs to work on communication and keeping a positive energy on the court,” sophomore Jacy Guider said.

The bulldogs held up a strong fight, with many aces, blocks and hits. Overall, the Brecksville bees won 25­-13, 18­-25, 25­-20, 25­-20 over the Bulldogs.

To see pictures from the match click here.


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