Student Council has success at Davenport Derby

By Kamryn Drach

Racing couches in the school parking lot ended well for some but not for others as the Davenport Derby occurred on Oct. Before homecoming that weekend, students made teams with different couch themes and races to the finish.

The winning couch participants are Roman Lovell, Braden Yacobucci, Nathan Bower, Peyton Swing, Kiya Izaldine, Megan Fargola, Jacy Guider, Kendall Feldman, and Bri Nixon. These nine students raced their shiny gold gossamer and winged couch to the finish. Their name was the Stuco Snitches and they got their couch from student council.

“The easiest part was coming up with the team cheer; we came up with it on the spot,” senior Roman Lowell said.

Roman and his other couch mates agreed by saying the cheer came easy to them, although not everything came easy.

The couches were scored by theme, race, and time. The winning couch and the Hufflepuff couch received a tie on the race part. The winning couch won by all three components they needed.

“The easiest part for me was riding on the couch. I would definitely do this again next year because it was a lot of fun,” sophomore Jacy Guider said.

The only thing that went wrong was student council needing to rush and put wheels onto their couch. Other than that, no couches crashed this year and everyone finished the race safely.

To see pictures for this story, click here.


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