Bomb threat forces school evacuation

A bomb threat was called in to the high school a little after 11 in the morning Fri., May 8.

Stow Resource Officer Barry Smith called Stow Police and notified them of the bomb threat; meanwhile, students and staff were directed via an announcement from Principal Chris DiMauro to evacuate immediately to the football stadium, where they were later dismissed for the day.

K9 police from Kent State and the Stow Police department searched the building for any potential bombs but did not find any trace of explosive devices.

Students and teachers were later allowed to re-enter the building until 5 p.m. to obtain their belongings.

The threat was called in during the end of the AP United States History exam and approximately a half hour before the AP European History Exam. All students taking the AP U.S History Exam must retake the exam, and those who were supposed to take the AP European History exam will retest at a later date.  All student activities were also cancelled for the evening.

Keep checking for further updates on AP testing.


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