Tips and tricks for using Snapchat

According to the Business Insider, Snapchat has attracted an estimated 82 million users; however, not all 82 million of those people know about the “hacks” possible while using the app.

When clicking on the drawing tool in the upper right corner, the colors on the pallet are not the only available choices. If one moves his finger from the palette around the screen, without picking up his finger, there are a range of other colors to choose from. White can be chosen near the left edge of the screen, and black can be picked at the bottom. There are also many shades of brown, pink and teal in between.

Another useful hack deals with taking videos. There are many phones where the Snapchat app is downloadable on, but this trick only works with iPhones unfortunately. Once the user starts the video by holding the photo button, he can double click the home button as if he were going to clear his “recently used apps.” This person can lift up his finger and keep the screen like this for a while, and the video on Snapchat will continue to record. Making extra long videos for friends might confuse them a bit as the receiver reads the message in 10 seconds, but in reality, it is much longer.

One more trick has to do with the text ability on the app. By going to the notes app or any place where typing can be done, copy multiple lines of spaces and then paste them in the Snapchat text bar. Once this step is completed, typing extra long messages with more characters is possible.

There are many more tips and tricks for iPhones and apps like Snapchat available on the App Store. Just search around on the internet and experiment a little, and use the sneaky techniques to amaze other students and friends.


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