Anonymous stadium vandalism appears with vulgar language

It only takes one person to ruin the fun for everyone else.

The football stadium offers the community a free place to exercise on the track and play games on the turf, as the doors are open to the public. These luxuries may be taken away or restricted, due to someone abusing these privileges.

IMG_6370    On the morning of May 9, spray paint was found in the stadium, applied upon parts of the track, turf and bleachers along the student section. The graffiti contained vulgar language, illustrating a degrading opinion towards the school and the community of Stow.

The vandalism in the stadium was subsequent to the bomb threat that canceled school the day before. Whether the two cases could have any coherence with each other is up in the air, as questions are still being asked.

Removing the spray paint could IMG_6368be as simple as waiting for the heat to dissolve it, or as costly as reapplying the damaged material.

Acts like this leave the school no other option but to make changes. It would be of no surprise if a more strict policy of allowing people access to the stadium was put into place.

With that said, those with intent to harm the stadium, such as the spray painters, can hardly be stopped. Locking the gates and denying access only brings vandals to jumping fences.

While motives and suspects may seem obvious, conclusions should be kept contained until investigations sort out the details.


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