Russian hackers invade government cyber security

A breach in cyber security at the White House has led to potentially classified information being attained by foreign hackers.

According to Polly Mosendez, a writer for, Russian hackers were successful

in their attempts to break into White House computer systems where they gained access to supposedly secret information, such as real-time details of President Obama’s schedule. While this information may not be considered “classified,” the breach is a symbol of the capabilities foreign intelligence agencies have to reach government information.

U.S. intelligence agencies, the FBI and the Secret Service are all in the works of investigating the mis- hap in computer security at the White House. reports the contents of any other information received by the Russian hackers has yet to be announced, though it appears none should be considered classified but rather just “sensitive” information.

In 2014, Russian spies were successful in complete- ly hacking into the unclassified emails of the State Department, known as the “worst ever” attack on a U.S. federal agency, according to CNN reporter Evan Perez. These attacks are believed to correlate with the recent hacks on the White House as the Russian hackers are thought to have gained access to the White House computer information through the State Department.

Though no classified information was stolen, the United States is on high alert with all information and how it is distributed. Anything labeled as classified can only be passed on through one email address and one phone number. CNN also says all information is being treated as though it could compromise major White House networks.

President Obama has made strides to strengthen cy- ber security in recent months, including national data breach reporting, where companies are to inform their customers when their company has been intruded by Hackers. An extension towards the budget of cyber security is also planned to be extended.

No harm was done by the recent cyber attacks from Russia, but the hacks leave Americans questioning whether government officials are doing enough to protect vital information and keep it out of foreign intelligence hands.


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