Sports teams take on the mulch

The cold of winter breaks, snow begins to melt and spring creeps in. The temperature will rise, and soon enough everyone will be back outside landscaping their yards from sun-up to sun-down, breaking their backs in hope of a lawn appearance up-to-par with the rest.

There is no easier way to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood than by having it mulched by the local sport teams through Booster Club’s Mulch Mania.

For the eighth year, Booster Club will be holding Mulch Mania to raise money for the middle school and high school sport teams.

Athletes will participate in the spreading of mulch for every yard, teaching kids the importance of hard work and learning to use tools and proper equipment for landscaping.

For $28 per yard, double-shredded brown hardwood mulch can be purchased, and delivered to the buyer’s house. Proceeds for the purchases of mulch will go to Booster Club.

For an additional $15 per yard, members of a high school or middle school sports team will personally spread the mulch around the customer’s yard with diligence. All proceeds for the spreading of the mulch will go completely to whichever team that completed the work.

Mulch Mania provides athletes with the chance to experience working hard for a cause and allows customers to save some cash, time and back pains, all while supporting the local student athletes.

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