Boys lacrosse begin 2015 season

Boy’s Lacrosse cradle right into their 2015 season. They have a great chance to have a winning season this year one expecting to win 10 games.

The team has a lot of young players this year. There are more freshman and sophomores than the past, which will make an immediate difference.

“We want to make sure to make sure they see their potential and what they can add to the program over the next several years,” coach Brett Sinning said.

The hardest  game of the season will be against Shaker Heights, the Red Raiders. They historically have a very physical and competitive team.

“We have lost in overtime to them in two consecutive years and are looking to beat them for the first time. In six years of coaching, it will be my most memorable win,” coach Sinning said.

Junior Chris Douds will have very large shoes to fill as he takes over the goalie position. He is replacing four year starter, Ryan Kevern. Douds is already on his way to establishing himself.

Aaron Bukowski’s talent and athleticism will also play a big role as a key defensive.

Juniors Andrew Mannella and Shane Riddle will quickly be taking over the games. They are the leading offensive units on the field.

“This season will be tough due to the seniors we lost last year. The lower classman will have to step up and fill in. Overall it should be a great season and I am excited,” Mannella said.

After suffering from a broken collar bone last season,  Senior Brent Skall will be looking for redemption this year.

“I believe that we will have a tough season, but we can compete with our opposing teams. Andrew Mannella will be a beast on attack with good help from Shane Riddle and Brent Skull,” junior Ian Feeny said.

The potential of this team is going to bring forth an exciting season.

Coach Sinning said, “We have so much to look forward, to both this year and the years ahead with the youth on the team and the spirit that they have.”


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