Shootings in Pennsylvania hospitalize three people

By Jurnee Starts  

An incident occurred where three people were shot in Monroeville Mall, Pennsylvania. The shooter, Tarod Thornhill, said to have targeted one of the three victims, Chief  Douglas Cole told ABC News. One man was targeted and the other two were bystanders.

The victims were taken to Forbes Hospital Feb. 8. The hospital was told to be on lock down until Thornhill was found.

Thornhill immediately fled the scene. Detectives traced his location with social media. He had been charged as an adult with aggravated assault, attempted homicide and reckless endangerment, Allegheny County Police told NBC News.

Police found Thornhill at a home, where his 16-year-old girlfriend lives with her mother and siblings.

The target Davon Jones, 20, is in fair condition. Mary Singleton, 47, is also in fair condition. While Thomas Singleton, 53, the husband of Mary, is in critical condition.

Several fights broke loose after the incident, which caused local officials and mall administration to plan to increased security so that a problem like that would not occur again. The mall went on lock down after the shooting.

According to the Pennsylvania code of conduct, any type of weapon is banned from the mall. It reads, “Carrying or displaying weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of  their duties.”

This has been the third incident within three years that has occurred in Monroeville Mall.

A robbery occurred at Harbor Freight Tools which is in the mall. A week before, more than 1,000 teenagers  and young adults swarmed into a mob in which multiple fights broke out.

Officials announced a new policy, which will require people under 18 to be accompanied by an adult on weekend evenings.

Thornhill was arrested for a gun violation in October 2011, an exact date was not given. Then, in 2014, he was accused of a second gun violation.

Thornhill’s life may be a cause of his problems since he has been in and out of foster homes when he was young.


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