Joshua’s produces seafood buffet for lunch

Joshua’s food has saved students from school lunches for years. Recently, the restaurant decided to shake things up a little bit by adding a brand new buffet.

This Wednesday and Thursday, March 18-19, Joshua’s will be holding a seafood buffet. This will be the restaurants first seafood buffet in its’ history.

Stow high school’s restaurant, Joshua’s, has been known for its’ phenomenal food and numerous buffets throughout the year. They have had holiday buffets, harvest buffets, super bowl buffets and international buffets. For the first time they are including a seafood buffet that will replace the harvest buffet they previously had.

The buffet costs $15 a person and is open to reservation only so you must make plans in advance. The menu includes many seafood items such as shrimp, crab and swordfish.

Tracey Lee and Shelley Giangaspero run the restaurant. Lee is the culinary arts instructor and Giangaspero is the chef instructor.

“We decided to do the seafood buffet this year to give students the opportunity to learn about different culinary techniques. It’s in the curriculum and since it is world language week we figured there’s no better time,” said Lee.

The buffet helps level one students work with people from other countries in order to get the food they need. Level 2 students learn where the food comes from and where it is better to get the food. This is a learning opportunity for students involved with Joshua’s to make great food.

“Joshua’s buffets have always been good, if this is anything like there other buffets, it’ll be great,” freshman Olivia Stark said.

The cost of $15 can deter students from going to the buffet however.

“The cost for the buffet is actually inexpensive compared to the quality of the food that will be prepared,” Lee said.

Students have the chance to look up more information about the restaurant on the Joshua’s facebook page. Joshua’s seafood buffet is moving along nicely and deserves a visit.

Photos by Nina Harris.


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