Spirit week supports a good cause

Spirit week is often used to involve students with their school, but Student Council found a way to support a good cause at the same time.

The Battle of the Classes took place during the week of Feb. 9 and involved a competition between all four grade levels. Points were earned by the amount of money donated and the winning of the events.

Events during BOTC were attending the luau, following the BOTC twitter account, being the most spirited in a class, tweeting pictures, an obstacle course, a game of dodgeball and a three-legged race.

Students were allowed told to donate money to the bins in the lobby or the buckets in the lunch room. All of the donations went to the Akron Children’s Hospital Radiothon.

The Radiothon is an opportunity for patients and parents to share their personal stories on a radio station powered by 98.1 WKDD. People could then call and make pledges or school and other groups could make donations.

Those who made pledges were considered Change Bandits and the money contributes to the purchasing of child- size medical equipment and funding research and outreach for the community.

On the first day of the Battle of the Classes, there was a twin day. The next day’s theme was tye-dye, followed by well dressed, Valentine’s Day colors and class color day.

“I like spirit week because I think it is cool to see everyone dress up,” sophomore Lauryn Jones said.

The spirit days were chosen by the members of Student Council after students voted on what they wanted.

“I think spirit week for homecoming is a good idea, but then after I do not like it; however, I do like that we get the choice of the days,” junior Taylor Hostetler said.

Even though students had the ability to vote on the days, some students were still unsatisfied with the choices.

“Yeah I like spirit week, but I wish the days were different,” freshman Abby Johnson said.

Although the spirit week brought attention to a great cause, some students disagreed with the decision.
“The only spirit day I liked was well- groomed Wednesday because I am a fashionable guy, but I do not normally like spirit week. No one participates, and I do not want to go out of my way to buy things for it,” sophomore Andrew Shockling said.

When difficult days to dress for are chosen, sometimes students lose the desire to participate because they would have to go and buy items just for spirit week.

Nonetheless, spirit week still grants the possibility for students to get involved with their school and show their school spirit. Student Council also invited the opportunity to support both the school and a good cause.

Freshman Sophie Press said, “I like spirit weeks because you get involved with the school. You get to see who is involved, and it is just really fun.”


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