Student makes great achievements in singing

For eleven years and counting, Senior Rayla Garske has been focused on singing.

From singing her heart out at every opportunity given, overcoming her nerves, practicing over and over again

and giving it her all, she has made singing her official career choice.

Garske has sung in small groups, in front of family and friends, in front of small crowds and at competi- tions. She has had leads in school plays and ETC show choir competitions. She competed and won “Stow Idol” and “Ohio Idol,” performed at Cleveland sports games, which included singing the National Anthem at a Cavaliers game. She also sang in her second, fourth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh grade talent shows; in her eleventh grade musical; and now plans to sing in her twelfth grade school musicals.

Rayla Garske was born to be singer on Broadway. She dreams of making a career out of her singing, and she is completely capable of doing so.

“Rayla is awesome. She has so much talent,” senior Sean Flemmings said.

Sophomore year, Garske won her first show choir solo competition, fourth best soloist in a show, best vocalist music in Parks with Jazz Band and “Show Choir Camp of America” talent contest. In eleventh grade, she won two show choir competitions and one best soloist
in the show, Stow’s high school Talent Show and “Ohio Idol.”

To top off how incredibly talented Rayla is, she also dances, plays the flute and is very artistic. She has been singing since she was seven-years-old and in second grade.

With all of the competitions and shows Rayla has participated, she says her favorite is the Show Choir Camp talent show, “Hearing the Roar of the crowd.” She also says her best accomplishment she has achieved so far has been winning “Ohio Idol” and meeting so many new people from it.

Her plan for her future is to attend “American Dramatic Arts Academy” in Hollywood for two years. Then attend their branch in New York for two years to graduate and obtain a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. She hopes to obtain her degree and pursue a future in performing.

Rayla has accomplished so much already and still has her whole life ahead of her, filled with opportunities.

She says all that she thinks of and all that fills her once she starts singing is simply joy.

“Music and singing are what I love,” Garske said.

Rayla puts so much work into performing and the star she looks up to for her singing is Beyonce Knowles.

Although she does look up to the star, that is not the only person who keeps her going with performing an following her dreams.

“I Have a lot of support from my mom, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers and ETC family,” Garske said.

The first competition Garske ever participated in was when she was in second grade, which started her whole singing path.

“I wanted to sing in it, so I did,” Garske said. “My mom helped me find a song, which ended up being ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ by Louis Armstrong. When I sang it, people stopped to listen, and it felt right.”

She took lessons for a few months in seventh grade.

Rayla also has taught herself to play the guitar and has played the flute since fifth grade.

Rayla says she enjoys playing the flute and thought Marching Band was so much fun. She also loves to hang out with her friends, take naps, watch show choir and look up new songs to sing.


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