Activities during spirit week heat up the high school

Seniors won the Battle of the Classes.

Seniors finished the battle with 49 points, following by juniors with 39 points, sophomores with 16 points and freshman with 14.

Stow B.O.T.C. 2015 shows who runs the school. All students hoped their class would win but in the end, many were upset again by the senior’s victory.

Seniors finished this year’s competi- tion with 5,300 points, second went to the juniors who had 2,400 points and third place went to freshmen with 1,900 points. Sophomores placed last with a dismal 1,100 points.

Mon. Feb. 9, there was an obstacle course during lunch to see which class could finish the fastest. The course consisted of crab walking, running and hula hooping. Seniors dominated with first place Tyler Hallam. Freshmen took second place and sophomores, third place.

Tues. Feb. 10, all activities were canceled due to ALICE training.

Wed. Feb. 11, there was a basketball shoot-out during lunch, winners were first place sophomore Ty Kremling, second place senior Antonio Johnson.

Wednesday night featured a dodge ball tournament and juniors dominated with first place showing their competitors who really runs the high school.

Thurs. Feb. 12 there was an obstacle course during lunch; however, due to some confusion, winners were not identified.

Fri. Feb. 13, due to the two-hour delay, lunch activities and pep rally activities were canceled.

One event that went on throughout the week was a coin collection; during lunches, student council collected change from each class, and the money went to Akron Children’s Hospital. The juniors won with a little over $450, and seniors came in second.

Another event was to see which class could accumulate the most followers on the B.O.T.C. twitter account.

Seniors came in first, freshmen came in second and juniors finished third. Each event was worth 500 points.

“I think it was fun. I was really unhappy about not having the pep rally because I was looking forward to it all week,” junior Chazon Clark said.

Many students were glad to have the B.O.T.C. this year. Participants seemed to enjoy the week’s activities.

“It made my week so much better being able to participate in school activities and spirit,” sophomore Pammy Meyer said.

Some students are excited to see what next year’s B.O.T.C. will bring to the table.

“I thought it was fun [and] cannot wait until we do it again next year,” freshman Parker Dinger said.

Students enjoy class events and spirit weeks because they are able to get involved in extra activities held at the high school.

Hopefully next year another class can dominate and take the throne from the new seniors because they are already looking at a “three-peat.”


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