Junior Class Play excites audience through radio show performance

The end of February kicks off with the performance of the Junior Class Play, Vintage Hitchcock.

On Feb. 27, 28 and March 1, the junior class will perform their class play. This year, the play is called “Vintage Hitch- cock: A Live Radio Play.” The play is a depiction of a radio show set in the 1940s. It involves many suspenseful mo- ments, including train chases, serial killers and explosions.

JCP takes place every Febru- ary. Unlike the Senior Class Play, which is traditionally a comedy, the Junior Class Play is a drama. The show is a juniors-only cast. The cast of the play is small this year but strong. The cast consists of only juniors, including Ricky Tritten, Jack Dotson, Tristan Ange, Stefano Mariola, Rachel Jagger, Emily Gresser, Marissa Sabatucci, Sarah Burger, Ciara Dawn and Nathaniel Halaz. The student producers, juniors Alex Laing and Taylor Hostetler, have been working on publicity for the play including painting the signs that are put up around Stow and the large banner hung in front of the auditorium.

“It’s cool to see it all come together,” Laing said. “I think it’s going to look really good on stage.”

The student directors, juniors Charlie Blair and Andrew Brown, work with the cast by helping them learn lines, block- ing on stage. They help Director Robert Putka by making sure everything is running smoothly and allow him to focus on the performance.

The show itself is structured in a different way than an typical play. Instead of separate scenes of people moving on stage, the actors present themselves as though they are in a radio show, standing in front of microphones much like a live radio perfor- mance. The cast puts on many different accents during the show, including British, which the cast and Putka have worked hard to perfect.

“It’s very suspenseful and funny,” Laing said.

The play is performed in three acts, with each act being an adaptation of a different work of Alfred Hitchcock. These ad- aptations include “The Lodger,” “Sabotage” and “39 Steps.”

“The Lodger” is a story about a serial killer who arrives to rent a room in London. Suspicion
is abound when certain people become jealous of the killer, and his identity may be discovered.

“Sabotage” is the story about a group of secret agents who are set up to spy on a goup of criminals.

“The 39 Steps” is about a man determined to expose a crime ring and prove his innocence in a murder.

The performances will take place on at the end of February. Tickets are $8 for students and senior citizens and $9 for adults.

The Junior Class Play is a junior class fund raiser, so students were encouraged to come see the show, both to help raise money for the junior class and see the amazing performance their classmates put on.


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