School treasurer suspended with over twenty allegations by B.O.E

With over 20 cited allegations, the Board of Education has voted 4-1 to suspend Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer Catherine Bulgrin.

On Tues., Feb. 10, during a special BOE meeting, Bulgrin was officially suspended, pending a pre-disciplinary/pre- termination conference, which occurred on Thurs., Feb. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the District’s Central Office.

David L. Osborne was hired as interim treasurer on Tues., Feb. 10. Osborne’s position became effective on Feb. 11. He will be paid $400 as a daily rate.

His contract says Osborne’s position will remain in place until the Board finds a permanent treasurer.

During this meeting, the BOE also approved to request the state auditor’s office hold both a “forensic audit and special investigation audit” at the treasurer’s office.

According to the district notice, her suspension is without benefits or pay.

According to Stow Sentry, Board member Pat Matthews, who cast the dissenting vote, said, “I stand behind [Bulgrin].”

Prior to approving the sus- pension, the Board unanimously voted to issue a letter, which requested Bulgrin’s attendance at the Thursday meeting. According to the letter, the BOE planned to have the conference in an executive session, but Bulgrin had the right to “demand the opportunity to be heard in open session.”

At the disciplinary hearing held on Jan. 29, Bulgrin’s attorney, Jack Morrison Jr., stated Bulgrin wanted the conference hearing to take place as an open session.

Bulgrin’s original contract was scheduled to expire in July 2016. On Jan. 13, the BOE informed Bulgrin they would not be renewing her contract. Six days later, the board assigned Bulgrin to work from home, starting on Jan. 21. This is when the board cited over 20 allegations, which may result in disciplinary action or even ter- mination of Bulgrin’s employ- ment. The board’s resolution ended in a 4-1 vote, Matthews again being the member with the dissenting vote.


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