Woodland hosts carnival for students

The staff of Woodland Elementary joined together with PTSA to host a fun, family-friendly dance on Feb. 11.

The dance included a variety of activities for students, parents and teachers to enjoy. In the art room, volunteers from the high school’s National Honors Society chapter painted faces and oversaw board games as well as helped sell pizza, tickets and water.

The gymnasium was decorated with festive banners and lights to create a fun dancing space where the kids could dance. There was also a DJ to help emcee the event as well as lead the dances like The Cupid Shuffle. At one point during the night, there was also a school-wide limbo contest.

Spike the Bulldog also made a special appearance during the night. While he was mostly seen over by the music room taking pictures and in the hallway giving high-fives, Spike also helped lead everyone in dancing The Cotton Eyed Joe and The Cha-Cha Slide.

“I’m really glad the PTSA and teachers helped put this event together,” said senior Courtney Herring. “I remember when I used to go to these things when I was [in elementary school], and now I realize how much [effort] it takes to put something like this together.”

The volunteers that helped with the event, both student and parent, rarely had a chance to stand still. Chaperones had to keep a close eye to make sure every event ran smoothly.

“I’ve been a part of Student Council for awhile, so planning dances and organizing committees is nothing new to me,” senior Brittany Lytton said. “Of course, when you’re working with really little kids, it adds a whole new dimension to things. I think it’s funny how [at the high school] the biggest problem is how many people are grinding. At [Woodland],  the biggest problem is people screaming in the hallway.  I was supposed to be giving away tickets for a free raffle, but most of my time was spent telling kids to use their inside voices unless they were in the gymnasium.”

Despite all of the time, energy, and effort it takes to organize the family dances, the effort always seems worth in the end.

“These dances really take it out of you, but when you see the kids get excited about pizza or games or something like that, [it is] worth it,” senior Molly Divine said.

Memories are being created as well as a  stronger community. Woodland and PTSA, as well as the other elementary schools, look forward to organizing more fun events like these in the future.


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