Jade’s February favorites revealed

That’s right, it is February: it is the 28 days of the year consisting of hot wings, roses and candy hearts.

This month holds many trademark events and desserts. From the delicious candy to the feelings brought from the words “Super Bowl” and “Valentine’s Day,” February definitely reminds students of some of their favorite things.

Feb. 1 was a memorable day for all New England Patriot fans. Winning by only four points, Super Bowl parties all around were either crushed by the slight loss or enthusiastic from the victory.

The Super Bowl is one of those events that brings friends and families together with the fire of debate on who the best team is, excitement for victory and a little dash of comedy with each new commercial.

My favorite commercial this year was for Mountain Dew Kickstart. The dancing dog and couch made for a very weird yet comical commercial.

Although the entertainment on Super Bowl day is what excited most people, I get pumped for the food. With the selection of mini hot dogs, chili and chip dip, one could never go wrong.

Thirteen days later is yet again another favorite day in February.

This day is surely a favorite for all of those elementary students who get to buy those cute, little cards and make their own decorated tissue box. Back in the day, that Valentine’s day party in class was one of the best days of the year because any day that you could receive chocolate in the second grade, was a great day.

Now-a-days, we may want fancier sweets from Malley’s or Edible Arrangements.

Malley’s is a favorite of mine, definitely around this time of the year. With a new location in Stow, you could buy your loved one a heart shaped box of chocolate or their famous chocolate strawberries without having to go very far. Their chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries are my absolute favorite item in the store. Just down the road from the high school, 3027 Graham Road, the new Malley’s is sure to have something for everyone on Valentine’s day or any other special occasion.

Just a few miles further into Stow is yet another marvelous place to shop for your valentine.

Edible Arrangements has quite a different selection for your partner. They offer baskets of all different kinds of fruit, which may seem boring; however, they take it a step further than just an ordinary basket of fruit.

Edible Arrangements takes the pineapple, strawberry, grape and cantaloupe combination and turns them into a beautiful creation. Each basket resembles a bouquet of flowers, with the fruit pieces shaped like individual flowers. They are stunning to look at and are even better to eat. Your valentine would definitely not turn down a basket of glorious, high quality arranged fruit. Edible Arrangement is located at 4326 Kent Rd, in the plaza by 5 Below.

On the more traditional side of Valentine’s day are candy hearts. Some have a burning hate towards these little candies; however, some people, like me, love them. The tiny pastel colored hard candies with the cute sayings on them is one of my favorite parts of February. My favorite color of the selection is orange. Usually only being available within this month, candy hearts are like gold. Those who love the little hearts must stock up now, because before we know it, it will be March and one step closer to spring time.


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