‘Chasing Amy’ movie review

Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards (Jason Lee) are comic book writers out of New Jersey. Their very successful book ends up introducing them to a very pretty Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), who is also a comic book writer. After a night out, Holden falls for Alyssa. The next night, Holden finds out that Alyssa is gay. Holden is crushed  and will do anything to get this girl. He may even risk crushing his life-long friendship with Banky.

“Chasing Amy” is another one of Kevin Smith’s comedies in the “Clerks” universe. In the movie, there are many references to characters and places from “Clerks” and “Mallrats.”

Though this movie is mostly a romantic comedy, it is unlike any other in the genre. Smith does not forget to have his trademark ironic comedy, and throughout the movie, you forget the romantic feel.

Many of the people who watch the film are skeptical about the ending. I personally think the end is powerful. Holden is faced with an extremely tough decision at the end of the movie. He has to choose between the two most important things in his life, unless he can find a way to satisfy both people’s needs.

The end to me shows how truly crazy love can make people. This portrays the change of Holden throughout the movie. At the start of the movie, there is no way that he would have even thought of that idea.

I feel that the people who have rated “Chasing Amy” on IMDb did not look deeper into the movie to see the true meaning. If someone who watches the movie does not take time to think about the film afterwards, they will think of it is a decent romantic comedy. To truly appreciate the whole movie, the viewer must dig below the surface to see Kevin Smith’s true genius.


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